Admission & Audition Information

Now accepting applications for September 2024. Start your journey with us today!

Entry to SLP College is via audition.
We understand that performing can be daunting and often requires significant training, but we also look for potential in students with no prior experience who have passion and ambition to succeed. We hold auditions regularly throughout the year.

How to apply

Complete the application form on our website, including the following:

The audition

At SLP, we look beyond the typical candidate-qualifications and instead search for individuals who have an attitude of ambition combined with a commitment to excellence. We value those that possess both potential aptitude as well as unique personality traits, thus making talents from any background stand out before us. To ensure our rigorous standards are met—we assess prospective candidates on their level of discipline, diligence and hard work ethic.

All applicants will participate in a Ballet and Jazz classes, lead by a member of the faculty.

Students are also asked to prepare:

Level 6 Diploma in Musical Theatre:

Level 6 Diploma in Dance:

If you are applying for both courses, you will need to perform all the solo performances, i.e. solo dance, monologue, one solo song.